Sleep: It’s Good Time Management

Sleep: It’s Good Time Management

sweet dreamsOne day last week, I cancelled my appointments, including one I had already paid for, with the full intention of doing nothing else. That’s right. I came home from taking my daughter to school and deliberately cleared my calendar so I could do NOTHING.

Are you judging me right now?

After I cleared my calendar, I spent my entire day doing nothing. In fact, not only did I spend the day in idleness, but when I realized it was almost time to pick my daughter up, I texted my husband and asked him to leave work early so he could pick her up.

I asked my husband to neglect his job in order to handle one of my responsibilities.

So why was it so important for me to clear my calendar? What on earth could’ve been valuable about my day spent doing nothing productive? And how can I sit here and tell you that those 8 hours of unproductive time were the best time management for my current situation?

When was the last time you gave yourself permission to do absolutely nothing?

I spent the day in bed, mostly sleeping. When I was awake, I was either staring silently at the ceiling or petting my cat. Why? Well, I was fighting off a vicious virus, one that kept my daughter out of school on Thursday and Friday.

Does the fact that I was sick make it OK for me to rest? Would any other reason be just as good?

We don’t approve of rest, do we? We want to teach our kids the importance of hard work, but we rarely teach them the importance of sleep and rest. Oh sure, we try to put them to bed at a decent hour, and make sure they get naps, but they are learning by watching, and they watch us push ourselves into exhaustion.

By the time I got home from taking my daughter to school, I knew that I needed rest. I knew that with all I had planned in the next week, I couldn’t afford to get seriously sick. And so I chose to manage my time by resting for an entire day.

This is the point at which I could justify my actions and tell you more about my life – about how that day of rest specifically impacted my life. But I won’t. Because it doesn’t matter how I personally benefited. Every single one of us can benefit from rest and sleep. If you fall asleep when you don’t intend to, then you are sleep deprived. Fall asleep while watching a movie at night? Sleep-deprived. Fall asleep at your desk at 3:00 pm? Sleep-deprived. Fall asleep when meditating? Sleep-deprived.

One thing I will tell you is this: I didn’t get seriously sick. My body defeated the virus all by itself – no medication of any kind (prescription or alternative). How? Through my sleep. Proper rest and adequate sleep is an important aspect of time management because it keeps us functioning at our best. When we are well rested, we are more productive and make better decisions. Because time management isn’t just about how we handle our calendar appointments. It’s about our lifestyle.

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