Spiritual Advice on Inspiration

Roger Wieck is the curator of the Morgan Library and Museum. In his advice in O Magazine, he talks about being inspired as a child by White Castle hamburger boxes. He concludes by saying, “Life’s inspiration can come from anywhere. Even a piece of trash.”

I am a writer as well as a life coach. As a writer, I’ve worked through the popular book, The Artist’s Way, a couple of times. In the book, author Julia Cameron talks about the concept of “filling the well.” As artists, we need to find inspiration, and so we need to spend time doing things that aren’t necessarily writing related. This is how we fill our well, by finding inspiration in trash, or in a silly movie, or a thought-provoking book. Allow yourself to look around today and be inspired. There will be something waiting to be noticed, waiting to poke your creative subconscious and become part of your life.