Spiritual Advice on the Small Stuff

Spiritual Advice on the Small Stuff

Don’t sweat the small stuff. We hear that all the time, and its corollary: It’s all small stuff. Alyssa Goodman would certainly agree. She’s a professor of astronomy and spends her time pondering the universe. She comments that when you spend your time gazing at galaxies, your own insignificance becomes apparent.

This is not to say that our lives are unimportant, or that everything we do is trivial. Treating others well, raising children with love and boundaries, taking action to alleviate suffering: these are all important things. But so often, truly small stuff blows up in our faces, deceiving us into thinking that it’s really big stuff. We don’t invite friends over (maintaining relationship is big stuff) because our house is messy (small stuff). It’s a trap! Don’t fall for it!

Take time in the next few weeks to enjoy the big stuff and don’t sweat the small stuff. It will enrich your holidays.

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