Stories We Tell

Stories We Tell

Become the Heroine of Your Story!

Being a woman in the 21st century (much less a mom, wife, daughter, business owner, employee) is a hectic undertaking. Our days and nights are packed and we’re living chaotic lives. Many days are a blur as we’re in constant “rush mode.” Hurry up and go!

Life without breaks becomes life without joy.

I encourage you to put a stake in the ground and make a decision to go against the norm. Embrace the concept of creating space for yourself to recharge your batteries, refill your bucket, and experience tranquility.

At the September Retreat, we will:

  • Access our Inner Mentor and learn how to listen to her instead of our Inner Critic
  • Learn to Time Travel and see how the negative experiences of our lives brought blessings for us and others
  • Discover our Life Themes and align them with our Life Dreams

You will enter the retreat with one story, and you will leave with another.

This retreat is limited seating: there’s only room for five women. Women who are ready to have a breakthrough in life: women who are ready to create joy and freedom. Are you one of those women?

  • Are you willing to be radically honest?
  • Are you willing to admit what you don’t know?
  • Are you willing to take responsibility for your life?

Don’t miss this opportunity to identify your stories and create new ones, because this is the path of true life change and emotional freedom. Our stories impact the boundaries we set, the promises we honor, the relationships we maintain, even the food we eat.

Does that sound intense? Yep. But don’t worry. You’ll also have lots of time to relax and reconnect with nature, God, and yourself. I promise that when you leave the retreat center on Sunday, you’ll have more energy than you ever thought possible.

Stories We Tell Retreat

Friday September 25 7:00 pm – Sunday September 27, 11:00 am

Join me at the serene Avila Retreat Center in Durham NC. All meals and lodging are included in the price.

In addition to the weekend, you’ll be invited to 6 bonus webinars (3 prior to the retreat and 3 after). Each webinar will be recorded so no worries if you miss any!

Ready to sign up now? Let’s do it! For just $497, you can transform your life.

And just because I know how fun it is to go on a retreat with a friend, I’m offering an awesome double price for you and your bestie, for just $740. That’s a savings of 25% if you sign up now with a friend!

Still got questions?

Let’s talk. Sign up here to schedule a phone call where we can go through all your questions and concerns. (Choose the Breath of Fresh Air option).


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