By most accounts, this RAM commercial was the most popular SuperBowl commercial from last night.

It features a poem by Paul Harvey in praise of farmers, and shows various pictures of rugged yet tender people who embody the poem’s ideal. At the very end, the truck is shown.

I must admit, this commercial grabbed my attention. But at the end, when I saw it was for a truck, I burst into laughter. It was so opportunistic yet brilliant. I think my response was heightened by the fact that during the entire 2 minutes I was contrasting the pictures on my TV screen with images of commercial farming: cows in tiny stalls filled with manure, chickens in coops where no sunlight can be found, giant fields of corn drenched in pesticide. Hardly the idyllic images of the poem!

Still, it was definitely an effective commercial. What did you think?

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  1. It was very sweet and effective. Got lots of attention, but I doubt it sold many trucks. Of course it bore no relationship whatever to the commercial farming now practiced in the USA and the huge amounts of government money now going to corporations instead of the few real farmers left. Brilliant propaganda!

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