If You Could Improve Your Sleep, Would You?

You may be saying, of course! I mean, that’s a stupid question, right?

Most of us moms could stand an improvement in either the quantity or quality of our sleep. We may think that we don’t really have a problem, but sleep issues are sneaky. Sleep deprivation is cumulative, which means that all those hours you were up with your children last week are still affecting you this week. Can’t wake up without coffee or caffeine? Your body is underperforming – and a little more sleep would do it good!

I’ve created the Sweet Dreams program just for people like you: people who can’t quiet their minds at bedtime, people who hit the snooze button 5 times each morning, people who wake up and can’t get back to sleep 3+ times a night.

So what makes this program special? It’s my secret sauce: 12 Distant Reiki treatments!

Reiki is a Japanese system of pain management and stress relief, and it has been absolutely transformational in my own life. While I managed my sleep well, once I added Reiki to my own sleep habits, I began to wake up before my alarm, happy and ready to start my day!

Reiki is a form of energy healing, and before you brush off the idea of distant energy healing, think about all the times you’ve sent prayers or good thoughts to someone. We send energy to people all the time: Distant Reiki is just a way of doing that intentionally.

In the Sweet Dreams program, you will receive 12 Distant Reiki treatments, 3 per week. You’ll know exactly when the Reiki treatments are scheduled, and you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. But you will feel the effects! These treatments will be focused on slowing down your “monkey mind” and relaxing your body.

Good sleep comes from good habits.

When you sign up for my Sweet Dreams program, you’ll get a daily email with a tip to help you build good sleep habits. You’ll learn about the physical aspects of sleep, the psychological aspects, and how to retrain your body to sleep at night. Knowledge is power, and the truth will set you free, right? And so the first aspect of this program is education. Learning about how sleep works enables you to customize your own sleeping habits for your body. I’m not going to send you a one size fits all prescription. Instead, you’ll be empowered to prescribe your OWN sleep hygiene habits.

Change is easier in a community.

All participants in the Sweet Dreams program will be members of a private Facebook group. Why? Because there is tremendous power in community. Everyone in the group will be committed to each other’s success. We’ll be offering encouragement, problem solving, and accountability as we learn about sleep and began changing our habits.

As a bonus, there will be two Sleep Challenges every week in the group! So set your competitive streak loose and have some fun!

Distant Reiki sets this program apart from all others.

Would you like to give Reiki healing a try? Would you welcome an improvement in your sleep quality and habits? Then this program is for YOU!

Join me for Sweet Dreams

sweet dreamsA private Facebook Group

Daily Educational Emails about Sleep

Weekly Sleep Challenges

12 Distant Reiki Treatments


Are you ready for sweet dreams?

This amazing 4 week program begins on February 15th and concludes March 7th. And it’s available for just $107! Yes, you’ll get 12 distance Reiki treatments, group support, daily educational emails, and participate in group challenges for just $107. Sign up today!!