Tend to Your Faith

Tend to Your Faith


  • Commune. Participate in a faith community. You don’t have to agree with the theology 100%; it’s about community!
  • Pray. However you connect with the Divine, do it regularly.
  • Meditate. You can meditate on your faith’s sacred writings, on an idea or sermon, or even a mantra.

Now, perhaps you are spiritual but not religious. There are many ways to connect with the Divine if the above tools aren’t for you. Instead of a traditional faith community, find a like-minded community. Check out Meetup.com – there are lots of groups exploring spiritual ideas. Or you could volunteer for an issue you are passionate about: animal cruelty, immigration issues, domestic violence, ecological conservation, etc. Prayer is any way you connect with the Divine. Journaling, art, and other creative pursuits can all serve as forms of prayer or meditation.


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