I’ve had numerous conversations with Elaine about both business and relational issues. She really helped open my eyes to my options, and asked questions that helped me choose a direction. She is a great listener, but also gives valuable information that helped me move forward.”

“Elaine is intelligent, insightful, reliable, and very good with people. She has spiritual maturity and a wealth of experience from which she draws good ideas. She has integrity, is trustworthy, and I have benefited from talking with her. I would recommend her to anyone who feels the need for her services.”

“Elaine is a compassionate and patient life coach. While working with her, we discussed a variety of topics such as relationships, self-esteem, and skills assessment. She was always prepared to discuss any issue and proposed a variety of approaches to address the issue. One of the other things she also did very well was to hold me accountable to tasks that I committed myself to. She was a pleasure to work with.”

“Elaine has the unique ability to challenge me to fix areas in my life that need improvement, without making me feel bad about myself. Elaine is an excellent listener and asks the right questions to help me examine what I am doing and the decisions I am making in my life. I attribute improvements in my family and relationships to the support and guidance she has provided me throughout the past couple of years. I recommend Elaine’s coaching services to anyone who wants to discover how to become a better version of themselves.”

“Elaine is a bright and knowledgeable young woman. I attended a Boot camp that she held at her home. The outcome was more than I expected. Through her coaching, I was able to prioritize my life and spend time doing things to move me in the right direction for success which includes the mental, spiritual and physical. I recommend Elaine to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their life.”


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