The Beginner’s Guide to Time Thieves

The Beginner’s Guide to Time Thieves

Time Thieves

Time thieves are those lovely little critters that sneak into your schedule and make it impossible for you to complete long term projects or pay attention to your big priorities. The good news is that you can kick time thieves out of your calendar! The first step is to identify the time thieves lurking in there. Here are some of the time thieves I’ve had to battle.

  • The Squeaky Wheel: It’s true that the squeaky wheel gets the grease! Urgent tasks steal time from important tasks because they are squeaky wheels. And yes, we do need to attend to those squeaky wheels, but we also need to give attention to the other wheels! If you have 15 minutes, check out my video for tips on how to do just that.


  • TV Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, get behind me, you time thieves! You innocently sit down and think, “Hmmm, maybe I’ll check out this Parks and Rec show that everyone is talking about.” Three hours later you look up in a daze and wonder where the time went! Save the marathons for special times – like pregnancy bed rest, surgery recovery, a sick day, or a very special date night. Otherwise, decide BEFORE you turn it on exactly how many episodes you’ll watch.


  • The Shoulds: These are the external expectations that steal time from your day. You should cook. You should have a clean house all the time. You should get up early to exercise/meditate/read the paper. You should look sexy/confident/put-together every day. You should volunteer at your kid’s school. You should work late most days. You should respond thoughtfully to every Facebook post you read. You should spend time maximizing your LinkedIn profile. When you find yourself short on time, look at your to-do list and figure out whether the item comes from your own desires or the expectations of others. Then ignore all the items that are from external expectations! Schedule a free consultation with me to learn more about how to do this gracefully.


  • Smart Phones/Tablets: Oh my goodness, these are tempting, aren’t they? We check the weather and then glance at our Twitter newsfeed. We find a super fun game and suddenly we’re addicted. We look up one simple fact on Wikipedia and get lost clicking through from one related link to another. As with TV streaming, decided in advance how much time you’re going to give to this toy. Since most of them have timers, you can even set a timer as soon as you turn it on!

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