The Money Trail

The Money Trail

OK, by now I hope you’ve had a chance to reflect on your values and determine your priorities. If not, schedule a free one hour consult with me by calling (919) 376-3738! It’s time to begin the process of rearranging your life to suit your priorities. Which brings up the question of money.

Right now, it’s possible that your money doesn’t reflect your values, but there’s no wiggle room in your budget to change the situation. Maybe you’re locked into a high mortgage even though you don’t prioritize your home. Or you realize you’d like to spend time at home with your kids, but a full time job is necessary to support your lifestyle. Don’t give up. As you begin to live according to your priorities, your clever little unconscious mind will begin to find ways to make the priorities fit. You’ll think of a new potential job, or find a way to work from home one day a week. Maybe a good friend will suddenly need a place to live for 6 months and now you’ve got a roommate and lower mortgage payments. Sometimes the universe hands you opportunities and sometimes you have to create them, but your money will follow your heart.

Maybe you don’t have any extra money, and so you believe that there’s no way to change your budget and spending habits. Call a friend (or me). There’s nothing like a third party looking at your money to help you see new solutions.

Or maybe your money does reflect your priorities, in which case, great! Whatever situation you find yourself in, remember to be honest with yourself. It can be scary to examine money and budgets, but it’s a liberating




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