Thinker or Feeler: Relationship Time

Thinker or Feeler: Relationship Time

While thinking and feeling mostly deal with decision making, that preference can spill over into relationships. Oftentimes thinkers tend to be directors: making decisions about what to do and leading the way. Feelers can tend to be followers, happy to go along with the crowd. So today’s challenge will push us in the opposite direction of our preferences.

The activity today is to set up some time with a friend or loved one. Now, if you’re a thinker, then ask your friend to make all the decisions: about what you’re doing, when and where you’re doing it, etc. Tip: pick someone you know will make decisions!

If you’re a feeler, then YOU make all the decisions. Invite your friend to do X activity at X time. Take charge, but not in a bossy way. You might be surprised how much you enjoy it!

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