Thinking vs. Feeling

This week it’s all about the third aspect of the Myers-Briggs: are you a Thinker or a Feeler? This aspect deals with how you make decisions. Thinkers like to use logic and rationality. They create pro-con lists, ask questions, and can be more critical in their thinking. Feelers enjoy using their emotions, their empathy, and going with whatever their “gut” feeling is.

So you probably are more comfortable in one area than another. And here’s today’s challenge. Describe your faith, or your worldview. What do you believe about divinity, the creation of the world, life after death, etc.? For many of you, this may be challenge enough. But here’s the real kicker: If you’re a Thinker, then describe your faith entirely in terms of your emotions and other intangibles. If you’re a Feeler, then describe your faith entirely in rational terms, using argument and weighing the options.