Time and Space

Time and Space

Many of us pack our schedules so tightly that we have no free time at all. And when we discover any free time, we rush to fill it with chores and any of the dozen tasks we have on our list at a given moment. But what if life weren’t like that?

I’m a big fan of leaving open space in your schedule. Deliberately schedule times when you have nothing to do, and then do whatever you want in that time. Being a mom has, somewhat paradoxically, helped me with this.

While on one hand, I have much more to do, and doing anything is much more challenging with a toddler around, on the other hand, when she and I are together, I commit myself to that time. That means that if she wants to spend 20 minutes on the sidewalk watching cherry blossom petals swirl in the wind, that’s what we do. Matching my pace to hers has been wonderfully refreshing.

So, give it a try! Schedule some blank time in your calendar, or just spend an afternoon with a small child. See what happens.

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