Use Your Mind

Use Your Mind

pencilsI know, I know, we’re out of school now. No need to review algebra or geometry or read early American literature. Yet I recommend using your mind as one of my top ten ways to do everything better. Why? Well, for one, most people seem to agree these days that challenging your brain will keep it sharp as you age. That’s certainly something I hope for in my own life. In terms of our emotional life, we fear what we do not understand, so learning can decrease fear. Finally, learning brings new dimensions to our everyday life. It can be exciting to learn a new skill. It adds interest to what might otherwise be repetitive conversation. It lends perspective to life’s little problems.

So how can you use your mind? I’ve got three suggestions for you:

  • Enjoy art of all kinds
  • Make time to read
  • Have real conversations (beyond small talk)

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