Weekly Accountability

Weekly Accountability

I’m thrilled to announce my newest service: weekly accountability.


I understand how much we all need accountability: just the knowledge that someone is going to ask us if we did what we committed to doing. And accountability is a proven strategy for increasing results. But how to find the perfect accountability partner?

Maybe you have a workout partner, but, awesome as she is, when you say you’re too tired to work out, she always agrees. Or her schedule changes, so you never know when you’ll be able to work out together. And then there are our friends: sure, they can be great at asking us questions, but often they are too nice to really push us to follow through on our goals. As for husbands, well, don’t even get me started, right? And really, isn’t it a little unfair to ask your husband to hold you accountable for losing weight or eating healthily? You’re basically asking him to criticize you.

What’s a woman to do?

When accountability works, it’s phenomenal, but when it doesn’t work, it’s just a mess. There’s a better way.

Hire an accountability coach!

Coaches make the best accountability partners, for four reasons.

  1. A coach cares about you.

    Any accountability partnership that works has mutual respect and affection at the foundation.

  2. A coach has no emotional stake in your success.

    Because, say, your husband benefits when you meet your goal, he may get impatient if you slip up, or angry if you fail. A coach is able to be objective about your performance.

  3. A coach is reliable.

    Friends get busy, or don’t want to hurt your feelings by asking you about goals. A good coach’s primary job is to check in with you.

  4. A coach can offer resources and referrals if you get stuck.

Weekly Accountability: The Solution You Need

Here’s what you get when you sign on for Weekly Accountability:

  • One hour long phone call to determine your overall goals and discuss how they break down into weekly steps and commitments.
  • A web page to record up to two commitments each week.
  • One weekly check-in emails offering encouragement and support.
  • A 30 minute check in call every 4 weeks to keep you on track.
  • Free resources and referrals if you need help achieving a goal.

What Are Your Goals Worth?

This offer is available for just $12.99 a month. For the cost of a couple of fancy Starbucks drinks, you get 8-10 emails encouraging you to succeed in your goals each month! In addition, you’ll get one Accountability Consult call, valued at $97, at the beginning of your subscription. And you’re eligible for an Accountability Consult, to help you clarify your goals, every three months.

Are you worth $12.99? I know you are.

Ready to Sign up?

It’s super easy to get in the program! First, use the Subscribe Now button below to start the service.

After you pay, you’ll be directed to my scheduling page. Choose the Accountability 1 Hour Consult and schedule our call.

Each Monday morning you’ll get an email reminding you to enter your goals for the week on the Goals Web Page. On Friday you’ll get a personal check in from me, asking for a reply with your results.

Every 3 months, you’ll be reminded to renew your subscription. When you renew you’ll get the option to schedule another coaching call if you need it.


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