What Are Your Dreams?

What Are Your Dreams?

I’ve had a dream for several years now, and I’ve finally taken action to make it a reality.

My dream is to create a coalition of healers to collaborate and bring wholeness to the women in Raleigh.

It’s not an easy dream, and nothing is certain right now. I don’t have a business plan (but I will), I don’t have capital funding (but I will), and I don’t even know who will be my partners (yet). But there are times when the cost of deferring our dreams is just too great.

I’m an ESFP on the Myers Briggs, which means that when it comes to projects, I’m a “jump in and plan later” kind of gal. That’s the P, which I think is pretty neglected nowadays. I mean, everyone knows if she’s an Introvert or an Extrovert, but how many of us know whether we prefer “perceiving” or “judging”? And what do those words actually mean?

Perceiving people, like me, don’t thrive on routines or habits. As I told a friend recently, as soon as I develop a good habit, I’m tired of it and need to break it! I dislike trying to create a plan because invariably something comes up to change things. I’m all about jumping in to the project and doing the research as I go.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t use plans!

I understand the value and power of plans. And I do use them in my own life! I have a set routine for my laundry which ensures that my family always has clean clothes and clean sheets and towels. I plan our dinner menu once a week to streamline my grocery shopping. And I set goals for my business and work towards them.

But my passion and power emerges when I actually start a project.

That’s why building this coalition is so exciting for me. I’m delving into the unknown. I’m going on an adventure: exploring the possibilities. I’ve given myself permission to develop my career in the ways which inspire me. And the more I act on my dream, the more dreams I have.

What are you dreaming of this month?

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