What IS a Delicious Life?

What IS a Delicious Life?

What the heck is a delicious life, anyway?

I talk about empowerment, about relationships, boundaries, and self-care. And I promise you a delicious life. But what do I mean by that? Chocolate is delicious, but life?

So here’s a quick story from my life. I spoke at a networking group this morning, and my introductory bio includes the line “in her spare time…” There was an incredulous laugh when she got to that line, because the idea of a working mom having spare time seems, quite frankly, ridiculous.


But why do we think free time is so elusive?

I’m not going to say the usual things here about watching TV or poring over Facebook. I’m not going to get into the Mommy Wars about chauffeuring your kids to activities or cooking v. eating out.

Because the blunt truth is that we drive ourselves into the ground.

We refuse to give ourselves free time.tweet

Just yesterday, I decided to re-read a Harry Potter book. When I got home from church, after lunch, I settled myself into the hammock. After an hour or so, I considered going inside and doing chores. I needed to meal plan for the week, make a grocery list, finish some laundry, etc. But I didn’t. I thought about my options, and I stayed in the hammock reading. Why? For 2 reasons. The first reason is that I believe fervently in a day of rest, and so I do as little work as possible on Sundays. This is one way I practice my faith. The second reason is because I have given myself permission to not do everything all the time. (Learn more of that story here!)

A Delicious Life is One With FREE Time.

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