Womanly Bonds

Womanly Bonds

One thing I’ve realized since becoming a mother: while there are always “mommy wars” and judgmental moms, being a mother confers entrance into an automatic sisterhood. Mothers share an immediate bond. This weekend, I was sitting next to a stranger (a common experience, since I didn’t go to the Gathering with anyone I knew). I struck up a conversation that went rather slowly until we realized that we both had preschool age daughters. And then we realized that both of our daughters were of the “refusing to sleep” variety. Instantly our conversation became animated and intense. We shared the exhaustion of listening to the same suggestions over and over; the bizarre methods we had to use to find sleep; our agreement that a second child was just too much risk.

Women have so much in common. We share the burdens of menstruation, discrimination, diets, poor body image, bad hair days, and uncomfortable shoes. We also share the joys of motherhood, pregnancy, better relationships, sparkly jewelry and multiple orgasms. So why don’t we spend more time celebrating our unity?

Find a sister today and show her some love.


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